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Jamie Winstone is one person that can walk out the house with a castle on her head and no one gives a shit. Let victoria Beckham do it and the whole worlds Paparazzi are in stitches, causing a stir probably explaining how the mother of 3 has had a mid-life crisis! But i think its fetching.
She is one darling i would love to go on a boozzed up sat night with. She seems to not give a shit, has this quirky attitude and also has a pretty scrawny yet unexpecedly cute boyfriend Alfie Allen.
I think i have a slight girl crush on Jamie.

I once fancied Lily Allen and Pixie Geldof but the fact Jamie doesnt fall out of taxi's with her muff hanging out and she only attends certain premiers ( note to Jodie Marsh and Jordan here...) she seems to have this demure sense about her. Not to mention a fantastic wardrobe. It must run in her family though, her sister is a STUNNER.

This is Louis Winstone. She is a cross between Amy Winehouse (pre crack..) and..i dotn know who. She has these perfect eyes and a lovely pout..but she doesnt quite stack it with the fashion genes.

I love her personally.

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