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Ok so instead of spending money on presents i have ended up with MAC make up, new shoes and 2 pairs of jeans. I cant help myself, my hands should be locked away.
Sunday i got totally smashed with Katy and her dad down the pub - drinks were on tap, so i was taken full advantage of.
Today i went to reading and got blown away by MAC's delights i ended up blowing a lot of money in their. My mate Alana works there so when i saw how gorgeous she was i couldnt help myself. It took 2 hours of christmas traffic to get home from a place 30 mins away. I was angered by the time i got in.
Tomorrow i am spending the day with my dad so we can get my mum something, although we will end up in the pub like i said before, he already hinted at a hotel on the way hoem where they do an amazing ploughmans!

so NYE this year is in pompey with HAVANA and then a house party!
I am excited..


H ♥ said...

Alright Internet and also real life friend! Haha

Everyone is going to Havana on NYE, damnit. It's gonna be full of olds/mingers :(

Betheny said...

IT will be full of friends and delghts. fuck the mings.. don dons is going hav.xx