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Ok i have never kepy any new years resolutions; they all seem to be the same: Loose weight, stop smoking, take up the gym...well mine is a long list complied of attitudes and what is good for me in 2009 nine, and what i attempt to accomplish. Lets see by this tme next year how many i can tick off.

1. I shall quit smoking ( This includes pawning off others to fulfill my anxiety)
2. Thou shall not let weed occur ( This includes the occurance of munchies.)
3. I will not shout at the TV/Cat/Laptop/Car/Cooker when it does not do as its told.
4. I will greet all people with a smile and not a 'what the hell was he/she thinking' face.
5. I will attempt to get down to a size 0. (ok maybe not...a few pounds...a stone..1,2,3 ok 2 stone!)
6. My hair will be long.
7. I will continue to wax and not shave
8. My hair will NOT be blonde by 2010.
9. I will attempt to find a good relationship (booty calls and sex on 1st dates, 2nd 3rd, 4th and 5th are not acceptable!)
10. ....Number 9 will only occur when i find someone i actually like.
11. I will not swear, burp or sit with my legs apart in front of eligable bachelors.
12. My itunes will exceed 2000 before i get an IPOD.
13. I will buy a lomo diana camera.
14. I will buy more shoes ( when i cleare my store cards)
15. I will have a new wardrobe.
16. I will attend the gym at the LEAST of 3 times a week for 45 minutes. ( not 20mins once a week)
17. I will not count a whole packet of Penguins as ONE biscuit.
18. Hardip and I will not end our lives at parties with the the weed occurance.

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