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I have sat on the computer at my placement for the past 2 hours. I have done no work, except scanning the internet for work experience on magazines; So far i have emailed:

Glamour ( I have a connection!)
Exit Magazine
Illustrated Ape
Plastique Magazine
Look Magazine
Dirt Mag

Blag magazine is the one i would love to work on most! It has poetry, culture, fiction, photography and interviews with the 'cool' celebrities like Jamie Winstone and Tracy Emin. It was derived from 2 twin sisters who were art students at Goldsmiths Uni in London, but its one of those annoying mags that is independent so you cant find it in WHSmith or down your local Tesco, you have to subscribe or get it from Borders in Southampton or Online.

London magazine stalls have all the interesting illustration magazines. 'ted' (the guy who stands outsite liberty's in Londons Carnaby Street) has such a range of magazines, i would love to sit and just read them all day.
Another is Illustrated aPE - WHICH IS AVAILABLE NEAR ME. Thank god for that, its another urban magazine which focuses on grafphiti from around underground area's and uses imagery with urban poetry and fiction as well as interviews with interesting London and Birmingham tramps and artists who work to live and keep their head above water.

Its similar to vice but Vice these days is hard to get hold of.

So fingers crossed i get a response.

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