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Full of little lanes, trinkets and gorgeous student boys. I found myself capturing every nook and cranny on my Diana to pass the time through idle shoppers, and my digital was used to the max for lookbook.

I love Brighton! Everyone is laid back, cafe's are open till late with the smell of coffee filling the streets. Hardip and i found a community centre in on the of the lanes which had a Ugandan day, with music and cakes. Tea was a £1 for a cup which was a bit expensive but it went to a good cause. I found a MAC shop down a little alleyway where i purchased some goodies. I also found an amazing broach in a huge shop down the North Lane which was £3. it is lush, i will upload a pic soon.
We went with our housemate Frenchy, who let weed occur so we managed to boblle around the streets in a frenzy for food, eating in a small fish and chip shop.

I love brighton, i wouldnt want to live their though because it takes the fun out of it when you visit.

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