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Diana and Cupcakes

The diana+ has so many extras i want. I originally paid £40 for my camera, but i should have got it offline as the whole camera pack which includes a flash and fish eye is only £100! The flash alone is £49 which is a lot. It looks amazing though, i will have to buy it all in stages so it doesnt look like i have spent loads.
I broke my GHD's last night in a frenzy. The dark casued me to jump on them snapping them in half, but even now when its not as cool to have them for your hair they \are still £120!
so it looks like i am a spendaholic.
I am going to ALFORNO tonight for dinner with the girls for becky's birthday and tomorrow to rthe Ethiopian Rest in Southsea for Sadies birthday.

Went to the beach today with hardip. He had a little date, ate chips and took photo's. It was lush, the sun sets here about 4pm so we stayed for a little while, even though it was cold.

I also went to style in the City today, a local vintage store. I found a lush fur coat, which was £70! Why do i have such expensive taste?
I need to get on Ebay and find some cheap items. I have also decided Haridp and I are going to open our own Cupcake shop. I make enough and we eat enough for us to have one, plus it will be cute. We asked Iris Hair Salon which just opended if its expensive to run a shop on AlbertRoad the heart of Southsealife, (its like a camden but without the greebos...) and she said its £670 a month which between us is £335 each, plus we could charge £1 for a cupcake as they will be huge and i can make a batch of 24 for £3!

So watch this space.

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