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I Bought a Diana Lomography camera the other day. loan went in so i thought...why not? It set me back £35 and as we speak i have ebay.co.uk up, looking at fish eyes, flashes and stands for it.
It has no batteries, just pure wind round camera which can also be used as a pin hole. My flatmate caz got me interested in Lomo cameras when she bought a 4 slide one. It was cheap, and looked wicked so she got Fish Eye. Envious i got the diana. Hardip ♥ is now part of the LOmo fmaily and has just purchased a Holga.
I love photography - thats why in a frenzy i spent £20 on prints instantly from Asda because i could not be bothered to wait. My wall is now plastered with peoples faces while i drift off to sleep.
This week is busy. Tonight i went to slug and lettuce and had dinner with Ashley, lamb shank was amazing! Then i went to visit the Block and seee how after saturdays party, there how was. It was ok, not bad but i found myself drifting off to sleep, so i rode back home to sit and eat more leftover chocolate and cakes.
My resolutions dont seem to be going down very well. I have not been to the gym this year yet, and i have not curved my spending.
But its just 2009 and VW is bringing in some banging materials!


selectronic said...

Aww yay! i have 4 lomo camera's and I have never looked back. xx

Betheny said...

awww yey! i am addicted x