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Eyes AND Brows.

So its Mid Jan now and i have not kept to any of my Resoulutions. I have been eating like a pig, sleeping and laying in bed like a dead animal and molesting further men to fill a sour hole in my soul...a void? nah i doubt it, i have just been taking my responsabilities as a professional educator ..as well not much at all. I have been clapping my Diana out at every opportinity and to develop its going to cost a million pound so lets leave that for a while. But Rubber Dub is this Saturday and i am looking forward to the coach journey! I always manage to get somehow, completely smashed on the coach ride and forget everything else tht happens after. I know its going to be a good one, Mel is coming down to party like its 1999 with us!

I am hoping to somehow look mega - i got my eyebrows tinted at the weekend which makes me feel a HELL of a lot better. I went crazy a few years ago by shaving and plucking my eyebrows into a baldness, but now they have grown back and are darker thanks to dye!

My eyelashes are darker too, a Blue/Black so that i dont always have to wear eyeliner or mascara!

I have also still been follwing exfoliation on my face and body and i can see the difference already. I need to keep it up to feel completely satisfied but its a hell of a lot better. I have been spending again this month like crazy, 2 camera's and lots of photos. I went to ASDA to get some Onions and came back with £60 of bed stuff and throws, including £20 of photo's done instantly. I now have a few walls dedicated to new years and 2009 already.

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