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Life of hell today.

Saturday was fun. It went pretty quick, although the coach ride took up most of the time. I did have fun dont get me wrong, but these days i seem to be socialising with cups of tea and cakes more than extra curricular and raves. I am maybe getting too old, but i am only 21. Maybe its because i did all this when i was 18 so its getting old now. All i know is work is piling up at uni and college and i seem to spend most of my days drifting in and out of daydreams about random shit that wont even happen. I am a bit of a dreamer and i expect it all to come true which sometimes it never does.
I seem to be javing such bad luck at the moment. my GHD's broke (which is painfull now considering i have a block fringe which needs to be tamned) my laptop has also decided to stop working, and my phone is still in MIA.
I dont know whats up with me and technology. I taught for 4 hours straight today and it was manic. I just feel like i dont know as much as i should and i get anxiety badly before i go to bed and its really affecting my moods which my housemates blatently can tell. Today if i could have cried and smashed something i wiould have. I think i crried 3 times in under 20 minutes because i was so frustrated.

I hope they dont mind and they understand i am shit.
Also, weight watchers started today and once again tears got the better of me and i ate 3 chocolate freddo bars and 2 pic n mix.


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