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Today in a lesson i was meant to be observing i wrote a poem. I have not done any writing for over 7 months, which is terrible considering i am a writer. I was in a day dream and i came out with this manic episode. Its a first draft so it needs a lot of improvement.

ps. the layout wont let me have it how i want. The layoput effects how it sounds. DAMN.

" I find myself drowning.
I breath, trapped in my soul.
I cant push it out. Lungs explode,
when i cry, it supresses.
Sliding down my throat like medicine,
I cant escape My own guitar strings.
That play my solumn song.
Im drowning in your deciet.
A pool of lies whyich cover me in white.
The fences that once laid silently are against,
the world. Stood high.
A great barrier reef.
I imagine you everyday.
I cant swim any further into the blue,
for somewhere under that bed we lay,
Nothing matters anymore.

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