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So here i sit in the Bibilotech trying to kick out evidence of 30 teaching hours - which is easy enough seeings as i have taught and facilitated a lot more than that, but i didnt know i had to type everything up and record all my hours with lesson plans. It is teedious and furtsrating.
I have just come back from town where i have invested in soem Bach Remedy. It is a marvel, i have chosen Willow which is meant to help with axiety, which i am egtting a lot lately. So with my Bach and my new found love for Slumdog Millionaire i am quite content.
"The film was amazing. i am a bit of a snob when it comes to big blockbusters. I hate the whole American dream when it comes to creating an interesting narrative. Film producers dont seem to take into account the grittier it is the more i am inclined to watch it. Seeing 6 year old boys running through the slums of Mumbai, running away from Muslim attackers is something a lot more interesting than the flaming Chiwawa of paris hilton. I recomend the film to anyone, its direction beauitfully and you really see the 'real' india, not just the Taj Mahal and the beauty which is made for tourism. Jamal's charecter is also a dream."

Tomorrow is a girl's sleepover at bec's house so think i may take my DIANA+. Hardip my flatmates Holga came today and its amazing! In built coloured flash with orange and blue cosmetics. Its a dream.
Still no phone and i have not heard back aout work experience at: Blag, Illusrated Ape, Exit magazine or Glamour! ( Its so long.....)

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