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Going to Matter on Friday for the Breakspoll After party. Should be a goodun, i am excited as i have only ever been to Fabric and The End in London. Matter is meantg to be amazing, and with a wicked crowd it should be. The Harold Road House and the Bloc are heading down friday afternnoon, so should be a long night.
Saturday we had a house party in aid for Frenchy's 22nd. It lasted untuill 10am in the morning, which was a delight. Not much to post on, dont have a laptop so its brasic. I have Flu, thats about it, so coughing and spreading lergies everywhere i go.



I do love living in Portsmouth;

Foals and Bat for Lashes playing at the end of my street...literally. Late of the Pier sold out and so did Jamie T. Think i might email Lykke Li and get her to play there...


Its been a while since i have posted, i have been busy being bored and i still have no laptop so when i can be bothered to make my way to the public lib i will post.
Valentines day was just like any other, lonely! I went to chester to visit katy who went to uni their, and silly me didnt even know how close to Liverpool and Wales it was. We went on Runcorn bridge and for some reason drove through Warrignton on our way to Manchester. It was a laugh though, her uni is quient and nice, but its too far north for me. Took 4 and a half hours to drive their and back. I didnt think my car could handle it!

Friday 13th RubberDub held their usual messy parties, and giggling my face off i managed to witness many romances. I dont know if it was because i was messy that i thought i saw people kissing, but i thinkn i may have to run this predictions out. I was right about 2 of them ...

My Playlist.

Ok so its nearly the weekend and i am already chilling in the library with my headphones on getting excited that its also half term next week and i dont have placement!
Heres what i am listening too right now, in a quite lib full blast.

Slyde Ft Lady Posh - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (an amazing breakbeat tune)
30hz (Miles Dyson Remix) - Daddio
Lykke Li - Little Bit
Fake Blood - Mars

These are on repeat. I just cant get enough!



I like Pie.

This was a bargian when i went to lunch with my mate Renny, he got snap happy. This looks too good so had to show. Pancakes and waffles were only 1.50! No wonder the gym is not going well.

Me Maz and a few girls went up to London on saturday for a cocktail party at Jay's house in Kidbrooke, Greenwich. It was fun, although i was in bed by 1am. The others went to Liverpool street and ended up in Hounslow partying till the early hours, while i laid like a beast in bed. I am off to Chester on saturday for a girly weekend with kate, maybe i will spot some fashion statements up their. Not many down my ends at the moment - although the sun is shining today and many Mega's are out and about.
Friday is Loverdub for the Valentines special, it will be at Havana bar so will close at 1am but the party will continue at Punchfunk after so need to make sure i am not too out of it to drive for 4 hours on sat morning...afternoon.
I have been sitting here in the LRC at college trying to plan my lesson for tomorrow...but i am distracted by Lookbook.


Tea Board

So many friends, so many requirements.

Magazines Culture

So Dissapear Here has now been shelved. The C-list celebrity, Peaches Geldof and ex Loaded Magazine creator, James Brown have just been given one of many poor reviews. As a fan of Magculture.com, I was remotely interested when i found out the 19 year old was going to be creating a new 'fresh' maagzine of 'music, fashion and everything you love!''. This of course has not been recived well with CR giving it the shits down.
At 5 pounds a copy, it should be priceless. Although as CR discovers, it is poorly put together with interviews followed by random pictures of teen snogging, and bands that Peaches herself has interviewed (meaning one of the many socialite friends that she knows from the London scene) bands we have never heard of, and never wish too.
A few comments from the CR website..

"May be if you interview the target audience for the magazine it would have a better response. Who cares if the critic dislike it if it sells well right? Sometimes I guess.
LadyRed03/Feb/09, 3:

Hi Lime
"You’re right - it’s about taste, but design is about communication and this is poor. If you were to say Alex Trochut is one of the best ‘artists’ of our time then that’s fine as art is subjective. Bottom line is it’s difficult to read, like it or no."

Have a look at the comments and review >Here


Sometimes i like to post randoms when i am bored.

Maria Francessca Pepe

Maria Francessca Pepe

Fashion/Jewelry designer Pepe born in 1979 in Italy, originally wanted to be a philospher. (Thank god she changed her mind!) Her fantastic and beautiful garms make me want to pee a little. Expensive but worth it, i think i should start saving for these gorgeous necklaces. (HOW AMAZING IS THE LAST ONE?)