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I like Pie.

This was a bargian when i went to lunch with my mate Renny, he got snap happy. This looks too good so had to show. Pancakes and waffles were only 1.50! No wonder the gym is not going well.

Me Maz and a few girls went up to London on saturday for a cocktail party at Jay's house in Kidbrooke, Greenwich. It was fun, although i was in bed by 1am. The others went to Liverpool street and ended up in Hounslow partying till the early hours, while i laid like a beast in bed. I am off to Chester on saturday for a girly weekend with kate, maybe i will spot some fashion statements up their. Not many down my ends at the moment - although the sun is shining today and many Mega's are out and about.
Friday is Loverdub for the Valentines special, it will be at Havana bar so will close at 1am but the party will continue at Punchfunk after so need to make sure i am not too out of it to drive for 4 hours on sat morning...afternoon.
I have been sitting here in the LRC at college trying to plan my lesson for tomorrow...but i am distracted by Lookbook.

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