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So Dissapear Here has now been shelved. The C-list celebrity, Peaches Geldof and ex Loaded Magazine creator, James Brown have just been given one of many poor reviews. As a fan of Magculture.com, I was remotely interested when i found out the 19 year old was going to be creating a new 'fresh' maagzine of 'music, fashion and everything you love!''. This of course has not been recived well with CR giving it the shits down.
At 5 pounds a copy, it should be priceless. Although as CR discovers, it is poorly put together with interviews followed by random pictures of teen snogging, and bands that Peaches herself has interviewed (meaning one of the many socialite friends that she knows from the London scene) bands we have never heard of, and never wish too.
A few comments from the CR website..

"May be if you interview the target audience for the magazine it would have a better response. Who cares if the critic dislike it if it sells well right? Sometimes I guess.
LadyRed03/Feb/09, 3:

Hi Lime
"You’re right - it’s about taste, but design is about communication and this is poor. If you were to say Alex Trochut is one of the best ‘artists’ of our time then that’s fine as art is subjective. Bottom line is it’s difficult to read, like it or no."

Have a look at the comments and review >Here

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