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Going to Matter on Friday for the Breakspoll After party. Should be a goodun, i am excited as i have only ever been to Fabric and The End in London. Matter is meantg to be amazing, and with a wicked crowd it should be. The Harold Road House and the Bloc are heading down friday afternnoon, so should be a long night.
Saturday we had a house party in aid for Frenchy's 22nd. It lasted untuill 10am in the morning, which was a delight. Not much to post on, dont have a laptop so its brasic. I have Flu, thats about it, so coughing and spreading lergies everywhere i go.


Sarah Edwina Rose said...

matter is quite a cool venue, you forget you are partying in the dome!

Betheny Hall said...

it was amazing! Although it was smaller than i imagined. loved it though!