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Its been a while since i have posted, i have been busy being bored and i still have no laptop so when i can be bothered to make my way to the public lib i will post.
Valentines day was just like any other, lonely! I went to chester to visit katy who went to uni their, and silly me didnt even know how close to Liverpool and Wales it was. We went on Runcorn bridge and for some reason drove through Warrignton on our way to Manchester. It was a laugh though, her uni is quient and nice, but its too far north for me. Took 4 and a half hours to drive their and back. I didnt think my car could handle it!

Friday 13th RubberDub held their usual messy parties, and giggling my face off i managed to witness many romances. I dont know if it was because i was messy that i thought i saw people kissing, but i thinkn i may have to run this predictions out. I was right about 2 of them ...

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