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Who would have thought?...

That peacocks had some rather cool stuff in store.


I keep forgetting to update. Lookbook still causes lateness, vanity and scrutinism. But i Love it.



So this weekend has been pretty eventful, considering i have no hangovers or anger. The sun has been shining and with friends and the common, who needs anything else? I stayed at home on thursday untill saturday morning as my dad was in hospital, it was a little stressfull as the breaks went on my car that night and i had an interview in london on the friday morning at 8am!
I got the train at 5.55am. That was hell, i was so tired friday night i was in bed by 10pm. How sad is that?
The imterview was ok, i had to teach a class of year 7's on the topic of Creative writing, using the book 'The boys in the stripped pyjama's". It was fun, i had only ever taugh FE but they were really 'ghetto' ids, who i actually found to be soft really.
The questions they asked in the interview were really obvious but for some reason i clammed up and i starting chatting utter shit. Its ok, its all practice and when i looked at the facilities for the media dept, they were pretty poor. Not to mention that i would only be getting 20,000 a year, even though its in London and it should be 25,000 starting rate.

If i were to teach in london - which i hopefully will- i will move their. I am thinking West London, maybe south but no further as North is a pain to get to from my home home and my parents would never come and visit me.
I have had a few flatmate requests, just a few mates who were up for it from uni. It would be interesting, i cant wait to start living like an adult. Clean houses, money and clothes.

Other than the life stresses i have been eating like a horse. Bordem and no sun has caused this butnow its lush weather i am out all day. The common on sat was lush, we drank cider and ate some of Teona's lovely pick nick and then went to some 19 year olds house party which got shut down at 2am as they got prang about people they didnt know. It was good tunes (because andy the don was playing) but other than that , i felt about 38 years old comparwd to the freshers who were excited about the prospect of decks in a room for a party and not an IPOD.
It was cool, i danced with friends and got drunk.

Many other things are long. No money, many birthdays arriving and i need ti pay trave costs for work. Students life eh?
I am looking forward to the next few weeks. Andy MA the lovely cherub is playing for Plump Dj's next week which is something to look forward too, aslo the fact i am going to buy my Beachdown ticket and maybe my Bestival - depending on job hunting!!

I need to earn more money before i can show you any delights i have bought.



The Block

No, its not a nightclub. This is the Block. Our mates student house which is always the cause for a party. It was ED's 23rd on friday so we put up the lights, brought out the decks and by 9am the sun was shining through. 15 hours of raving and we still wanted more!

Tenth Hole

I am feeling a little out of the bubble when it comes to fashion at the moment. My £40 needs to last me the next 2 weeks and so far i have been rinsing the change on cake! Their is this amazing little place in Portsmouth which i have only just found out about. Its called Tenth Hole and its a little cottage situated on the sea front. It makes lush cakes, all huge portions and cost about £2 each. They serve tea, and when you are done you can go play Golf.
I do love portsmouth, people dont know about all the little shops and tea rooms available to them.
The portion sizes are huge as well! This salad is only like £5! And look how big it is!

Luckily i live right on Albert Road. This is a massive street with bars, pubs, vintage shops and kich little hideaways that you would only know about if you visited. I LOVE ALBERT ROAD day is a day when its shut off to the cars and buses and everyone just gets drunk and walk around. BBQ outside the shops, and music from the bars. Its a great place to be and now its nearing spring, another I LOVE ALBERT will be due.


In the Mix

My flatmate seems to be taking off with this dj malarky. He is pretty damn good, check out his mix. he plays at the Rubberdub nights and has mentioned moving northrn of london to do some MK nights.


I think i am getting used to my red hair, i quite like it now.



Matter: room 1 - Evil Nine
Matter: room 1 -Evil nine

Matter: On the bridge over the dancefloor

Ok so here is the hair and the bad choice of a pink cardigan to go with it lol.
Matter was brilliant, but now i am wanting to go back already. Jack beats from Scratch Pervs is playing at Little Jonny Russles on friday, and my housemate is opening.

Here is my mate louise jumping the barrier at Scratch perverts gig and raving with them on stage.
I am looking forward to going to Beachdown festival this year and maybe Bestival. I wanted to work but didnt have the money at the time, Daft Punk are rumoured for the sunday. If so i will be gutted, and will just geta day ticket and go!
Many are up for beni, but Beachdown looks chilled and if i am emant to be starting a teahcing job in sept, i cant be raving all summer!


Moving On.

I seriously dont understand some people sometimes. Their ego takes over and they become like demons. Jesus, when can a girl just chirps, go with the flow without it getting so awkward and complicated? OH Life blog witll fill in the details.

For now i an a red head. I tried to go blonde but it didnt work too well - pictures will arrive soon. Matter was brill, i loved it but it went to quick. I am still recovering today, after the treck to Ealing the next morning. 21 Stops on a tube was long, i fell asleep which was well needed as i start placement tomorrow at 6.30am. Oh hell! And onnce again i have left all my lesson plans to the last minute.
I have applied for a teaching job in Enfield, North London. If i get it i will be happy, if i dont then i will keep trying. If after abourt 10 applications i am getting knowhere i will take it as not my time to start teaching so i will go somewhere else. Maybe abroad for a few months then back home for some shitty PA role or something. I am just ready tomove out of Portsmouth now and meet some new people about town. I love eveyrthing in Portsmouth, but slowly everyone is moving on and so should i.