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Matter: room 1 - Evil Nine
Matter: room 1 -Evil nine

Matter: On the bridge over the dancefloor

Ok so here is the hair and the bad choice of a pink cardigan to go with it lol.
Matter was brilliant, but now i am wanting to go back already. Jack beats from Scratch Pervs is playing at Little Jonny Russles on friday, and my housemate is opening.

Here is my mate louise jumping the barrier at Scratch perverts gig and raving with them on stage.
I am looking forward to going to Beachdown festival this year and maybe Bestival. I wanted to work but didnt have the money at the time, Daft Punk are rumoured for the sunday. If so i will be gutted, and will just geta day ticket and go!
Many are up for beni, but Beachdown looks chilled and if i am emant to be starting a teahcing job in sept, i cant be raving all summer!

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