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Moving On.

I seriously dont understand some people sometimes. Their ego takes over and they become like demons. Jesus, when can a girl just chirps, go with the flow without it getting so awkward and complicated? OH Life blog witll fill in the details.

For now i an a red head. I tried to go blonde but it didnt work too well - pictures will arrive soon. Matter was brill, i loved it but it went to quick. I am still recovering today, after the treck to Ealing the next morning. 21 Stops on a tube was long, i fell asleep which was well needed as i start placement tomorrow at 6.30am. Oh hell! And onnce again i have left all my lesson plans to the last minute.
I have applied for a teaching job in Enfield, North London. If i get it i will be happy, if i dont then i will keep trying. If after abourt 10 applications i am getting knowhere i will take it as not my time to start teaching so i will go somewhere else. Maybe abroad for a few months then back home for some shitty PA role or something. I am just ready tomove out of Portsmouth now and meet some new people about town. I love eveyrthing in Portsmouth, but slowly everyone is moving on and so should i.

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