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Tenth Hole

I am feeling a little out of the bubble when it comes to fashion at the moment. My £40 needs to last me the next 2 weeks and so far i have been rinsing the change on cake! Their is this amazing little place in Portsmouth which i have only just found out about. Its called Tenth Hole and its a little cottage situated on the sea front. It makes lush cakes, all huge portions and cost about £2 each. They serve tea, and when you are done you can go play Golf.
I do love portsmouth, people dont know about all the little shops and tea rooms available to them.
The portion sizes are huge as well! This salad is only like £5! And look how big it is!

Luckily i live right on Albert Road. This is a massive street with bars, pubs, vintage shops and kich little hideaways that you would only know about if you visited. I LOVE ALBERT ROAD day is a day when its shut off to the cars and buses and everyone just gets drunk and walk around. BBQ outside the shops, and music from the bars. Its a great place to be and now its nearing spring, another I LOVE ALBERT will be due.

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Godfrey said...

i would eat that in 2 mins flat LOL !!