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Reebok High Tops

I picked these beautiesup in Office for 30 squid in Southampton on Wednesday...

florence and life

Florence and the Machine - My favorite band right now.

I just wish someone would think i was cool. Cool enough to give me some respect. Cool enough to think i was worth working for, cool enough to regret what they have done to me or said. Goodenough in their eyes.



I am now on Twitter.

I am now going to replace facebook days with Twitter ones..
I cant say what goes on in my life is that interesting, but have a look if you fancy.


My house.....

... Are going.

My flatmate andy has shown me something amazing. I am rubbish when it comes to downloaded music, i dont understand it and whenever i try to i get virus's. Plus ITUNES is about as tech as i get, i dont even own an ipod.

This is spotify..its an online application which is exactly like itunes but has everything you have not downloaded. Its uk based, so the majority of good music which is not heavy metal, rnb and shitty pop is online.

My Wishlist

My wishlist for the summer 2009;

Yes Please! Loan is in, overdraft is a little lower than usual. I think i could spare the cash for these considering i have not been out spending in Topshop...



So the red has now gone and its been replaced by brown. i think it looked ok. even with the Pink! lIPS

A Wear

Check the website: A - Wear

I keep seeing it in many magazines, and i am proud to say its refreshing to see an online store that sells up to a size 18 for once.

Topshop New York

So what i love about British fashion is that their are no rules. We buy highstreet, mix designer and combine kitch with sophisticated and it works. Our own TOPSHOP brand has crossed the pond and now given american's in New York the opportunity to get those effortless styles across the pond, by opening a new store in the heart of the big apple. Now, dont get me wrong, i am proud of our fashion but what i loved about Topshop and all the stores Mr Green own's was that it was Briish. American superstars would rave about how amazing our style was and when they come to London they have to stock up at topshop - but now itsm accessable over their, our style is now as obtainable than ever. Now when we open LOOK! magazine or Vogue, we will see what over the pond have been wearing, like its a sublime new course over their. I liked that Topshop was british and marked a turning point ion Highstreet history. Kate Moss has obviously helped the process along - but now are we all just buying into global fashion trends and not our own? Because money is to be made over their, more input and more designers will be required to fulfill growing demands in the state.

Will this mean goodbye flasgship London and Hello flagship New York?

Men 'out' - Plastic 'in'

New issue of Plastique.

With issues such as I.D, Dazed and Confused, Exit and many more creative magazines flying high, its no wonder lads mag MAXIM has decided to close its doors. After many years, selling around 300,000 copies a month, circulation figures have gone downhill to a small 42,000. Considering tits and ass used to sell a hell of a lot, it seems even culture has changed attitude towards women, or maybe the credit crunch has changed peoples attitude towards spending money on tits and ass.


Yes Please..

SMD @ MATTER Friday 10th April

FOALS @ Wedgewood Rooms, Wednesday 8th April

Everytime i have seen the Foals i have either been ill, couldnt see or i have missed half a set. lets hope wednesday will be alright. At the end of my road i cant go wrong.

Matter on friday will be another blinder. Mel's birthday from home and i just found out a few uni mates are up for the kill too. Many music delights....roll on this week!


Make up Artist Opportunity!

Osman Yousefzada

So recently i have just been filing my days with the plague. This awfull, ghastly thing overtook my thraot, mouth and my ear drums. I have been laying like a whale for the past week. But all is well, and now i am (sort of) back on top form! I have been sorting out presentations and lesson plans all week and now tonight i am free as a bird and enjoying the Plump Dj's who are playing in Tiger. Andy my flatmate will be opening the ceremony at 9pm and shall we full of delightfull pleasure.
Also, SPARK. The promo video has been finished, all the girls looked wicked and Nikki has asked me to do the make-up and hair for the photoshoot and the writing for the press realeses. This is amazing! This means MAC make up all the way...although i have miss placed some of my brushes. Fingers crossed!
The look is; Strong eye make up with barely their skin. I am also doing hair, how exciting!

I have been watching some tutorials on youtube.com they help so much. lauren Luke has made a mint from doing these, check her website out!

+++ Lauren Luke ++++

I have been loooking at Versace has the idea of just eyes, minimal face.

Mark Jacobs backstage at his 'punk Party'