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Make up Artist Opportunity!

Osman Yousefzada

So recently i have just been filing my days with the plague. This awfull, ghastly thing overtook my thraot, mouth and my ear drums. I have been laying like a whale for the past week. But all is well, and now i am (sort of) back on top form! I have been sorting out presentations and lesson plans all week and now tonight i am free as a bird and enjoying the Plump Dj's who are playing in Tiger. Andy my flatmate will be opening the ceremony at 9pm and shall we full of delightfull pleasure.
Also, SPARK. The promo video has been finished, all the girls looked wicked and Nikki has asked me to do the make-up and hair for the photoshoot and the writing for the press realeses. This is amazing! This means MAC make up all the way...although i have miss placed some of my brushes. Fingers crossed!
The look is; Strong eye make up with barely their skin. I am also doing hair, how exciting!

I have been watching some tutorials on youtube.com they help so much. lauren Luke has made a mint from doing these, check her website out!

+++ Lauren Luke ++++

I have been loooking at Versace has the idea of just eyes, minimal face.

Mark Jacobs backstage at his 'punk Party'

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