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Topshop New York

So what i love about British fashion is that their are no rules. We buy highstreet, mix designer and combine kitch with sophisticated and it works. Our own TOPSHOP brand has crossed the pond and now given american's in New York the opportunity to get those effortless styles across the pond, by opening a new store in the heart of the big apple. Now, dont get me wrong, i am proud of our fashion but what i loved about Topshop and all the stores Mr Green own's was that it was Briish. American superstars would rave about how amazing our style was and when they come to London they have to stock up at topshop - but now itsm accessable over their, our style is now as obtainable than ever. Now when we open LOOK! magazine or Vogue, we will see what over the pond have been wearing, like its a sublime new course over their. I liked that Topshop was british and marked a turning point ion Highstreet history. Kate Moss has obviously helped the process along - but now are we all just buying into global fashion trends and not our own? Because money is to be made over their, more input and more designers will be required to fulfill growing demands in the state.

Will this mean goodbye flasgship London and Hello flagship New York?

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