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Crash Bang Wallop

Emma watson for Crash Magazine, 2009. She annoys me, but i like these ice queen images.

Krafty Kuts

Off we go again to Matter....
Not bad for a a fiver.

Ditto Evans

So this is the doll that Evans have created to model the new Ditto collection in their Arcadia store? Whats the point in creating such a fashion 'statement' with 14-32 sized fashion, when they are too embarrassed to showcase the designers real size?

urban spark


Its happening. I am writing some pieces for the Accessories company, I am quite excited.

long haul

Brighton - Honeyclub then Chips

Societies Carnvial 2009

Crack Alley

Spent some pennies and picked up this dream. Wore it to go see FAKE BLOOD who by the way is a mega!

Also, a few things that i have been up too...


Its been a while, but its taken a while to finish many essays. I have also been spending way too much money on some outfits for up and coming nights. Went to a Pizza Palace on sunday and it was the most craziest expereince ever! Not only was the little italian man part of a mafia, and was screaming phrases at the chef, but HOW2 legend Fred Dinege popped in. Do you remember him? His photo was all over the toilet walls, which was a little distressing. Peeing - How 2 pee.


Vice, Oasis Academy, Tank, Dazed and Confused, Glamour, Exit...

Applications. Interns. Cover Letters. Applications of support....


only 80 odd days till i go Balaton Sound, Hungary.

I am also praying for Zsigit, Hungary.


Topshop SS09

Topshops SS09 collection is a darling. Stonewash denim, white cotton shirts, obscure prints and shoulder pads are parading up and down the catwalks this season. Its was only going to be a short amount of time before the 1980's came back...

‘Three Hundred and Seventeen and Counting

Steven Meisel's shots for Vogue Italia are all placed in this beautiful book, relfecting on 20 years of work.


so far..

I have been really busy at the moment. I am trying to get all my work done, write some articles and try and have fun too!
So far it has been great. Societies carnival, trip to the fun fair, Beardyman, Hype, common laziness and some random outings to Brighton where we met some massive sketchers.

It has been pure jokes.