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Vice, Oasis Academy, Tank, Dazed and Confused, Glamour, Exit...

Applications. Interns. Cover Letters. Applications of support....


only 80 odd days till i go Balaton Sound, Hungary.

I am also praying for Zsigit, Hungary.


DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Gotta starting fishing around and applying for internships. Hope you get the one you want, love.

louise said...

good luck with the applications

Betheny Hall said...

Thanks guys, it takes a while!

PiN said...


We’re currently running a campaign for TRESemme and as part of this we are sending bloggers and website editors free full sized TRESemme products for you to sample and discuss on your blog/website.

Special Invite
Firstly, would you or one of your colleagues like to come down to a hair salon on Monday & have your hair styled & blow-dried? (see invite attached) I know it’s always a bit difficult to take time off work, but they are running it until 7pm. A few of us girls from the office are heading down at about 5pm. It should be fun - would be great if you could join us. Let me know and I’ll keep you a space, as there aren’t that many people invited 

A bit about the sampling campaign “TRESemme 24hr Body Range”
Again, we will be building a blog with all the info about the products, etc. We are still in discussion about how many products we will give to each person – either 2 or 3 full products.
You can select 10 lucky triallists – like we did previously: http://style.uk.msn.com/fashionandbeauty/bebeautiful/article.aspx?cp-documentid=8627655
and we will post the products to them, in exchange for them commenting either on your site below your editorial post or, they can post feedback on our blog which we are currently building. We’ll obviously link to your site from the TRESemme blog.
If you decide to go ahead, I will send you more info & hopefully you can put your post/editorial piece live towards the end of next week once our blog is live.

Let me know your thought & also if someone can make Monday as it’s done on a first come first serve basis!