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Balaton Sound

Balaton Sound in 8 days.

I can not wait. I need a Holiday, festival and break from home, Portsmouth and all things negative in my head.


Glasto no go

Its getting depressing now. I have moved out of my house, today was my last day. All the crew are either working Glasto or broke in (which i didnt think could work...but has done for many) and i am home alone tonight.
Quite depressing, as i also found out i am working Lovebox for no monies, but get to go. Although Glade need people for bar on the same day. No monies but you pay a deposit. What to do?


I want...

To work all the festivals, be a free spirit and not worry about employment.

Alternatively, if employment happens i want To Live in Camden

To work in Canary Wharf

I also desire to be sucessfull within Trinity Press, Absolute Marketing or gain an NCJT qualification and live the dream @


joint Tats

A tattoo dream us girls at Harold Road may get. Just to remember the good times.


EDIT.ORG exhibition


I am trying to find as much inspiration as i can to fulfill this unemployed life, and try and find out if their are any nook or crannies i can slip in through...


Boat Party

Here is one part of SLYDE

I was a Rainbow Fish.



I am now blonde.

After 3 bleaches and 2 colours in a week my hair now feels ike straw and looks yellow. But thankfully it saved me $80 at the hairdressers. Its the rubberdub boat party tonight and i am going asa rainbow fsh (if their is ever such a thing) and it is going to be amazing

My 3 best mates are jetting off around the world this weekend so its the last night i will see them properly. love u xx