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chav party.
I actually liked how i looked, jokes
The necklace was from ASOS. 13 Squids for it, i love it.

Uban Spark!

Urban Spark has now launched the website that we have all been waiting for. If you have individual style, like to go festivals, dance like a mad hatter and still look good at the end of a sweaty night, you must be wearing Spark!..

Urban Spark girls know how to have fun..
Check out the site now and make an order


Field Day, Lovebox, The Big Chill

I have been back 2 weeks now and i am missing ti already. My tan is fading and my hair is still like crisps. But all is good, i have managed to get myself an internship at a Web Hosting company called Clara.net and i am looking into gaining a further 3 months at a PR comany which deals with art galleries, festivals and music concerts in London.
I still have no job, but its ok i have been spending my days trapsing the next for ideas. I have also managed to blag a Press Pass for The Big Chill fetsival next weekend. I am meant to be working the bar, which i will as i need the monies but its always nice to get free things.

Lovebox was wicked. Me and Hardip managed to walk around for a bit and take the piss. We also managed to get off early on Sunday so went to see SMD tear it up at the RELENTLESS stage which was amazing. Met some cool people as well, so it was a nice change to be around people who i didnt really know.

Field Day this saturday! Its going to be a good one. All the girls from portsmouth are coming, London and anywhere else they live for a big girl day out while we jam at the Bugged Out stage. Swine flu has taken its toll on many, but i may have a job at the NHS helpline for it, Bit random but fingers crossed.

So not much else. Cant buy any clothes as i am broke, so i am admiring what shit i have in my wardrobe.

News for thought: Download Passion Pit's album. I love the single 'The Reeling' its amazing.


Balaton Sound Festival, Budapest.

Balaton was amazing. Many pictures, little time. I will upload soon.!

Job hunt is still going and i am being a bum. Voluntered Lovebox festival over the weekend as well as working the bar, danced to SMD and Diplo on our break which was sneaky but fun. Met some cool people and am looking forward to Field Day in 2 weeks!
Maybe working Global but have to see, trying to get on working Bestival and The Big Chill which looks more promising.

Fingers crossed!

Employment Hell

5th interview down and still no job. Looks like i will be spending my days working in retail or behind a bar to fund my PGCE secondary. No school is willing to take me on as an FE teacher, which means i have just blown 6,000 quid on one qualification. I could of got my breasts done twice for that price.
How can i be classed as 'unqualified' when i clearly am not. Ok, so secondary school has more curriculum standards and policies i need to follow, but surely the whole point of beiong an NQT is so you are given the chance to shine. If a school just let me work there as a Unqualified teacher, they would onbly have to pay me 15 grand a year and not 20. Thing is, they are too lazy to give up onbe day a week so they can check over my progress.. thats all it is. Lets list the excuses i have been given for not getting a job.

1. Too nice
2. Took too long to get into a task.
3. Not experienced enough.
4. Not experienced enough.
5. Not experienced enough
6. Not experienced enough.
7. Too mean.

OMG. someone give me some bloody experience! I have 5 years to gain QTS if i dont do it then my qualification will mean nothing. Now for those of you who believe they are crying out for teachers, yes they are. Up North, and for English, Maths and Science. Unfortunately i am MEDIA teacher and i thought media was only available in colleges. No, its now refromed to 14-19.
How annoying!
So next step?
1. Go to Balaton for a week (much needed break i'd say...)
2. Come back 15th July and work Lovebox Festival Volunteering.
3. Work Lovebox on bar (Money from this will pay Balaton..)
4. Sign on. (Why not rinse the government more...)
5. Kill myself with whatever i can consume from my bathroom cubard. Mainly smokers toothpaste..
6. If all else fails (Mainly 5, prosittue myself or sell everything i own on Gumtree..)
7. Internship?(No money, just free lunches...;)

Anyone want to employ a QUALIFIED media teacher/Media graduate. I have 2 fucking degrees man. Why is it so hard?