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Field Day, Lovebox, The Big Chill

I have been back 2 weeks now and i am missing ti already. My tan is fading and my hair is still like crisps. But all is good, i have managed to get myself an internship at a Web Hosting company called Clara.net and i am looking into gaining a further 3 months at a PR comany which deals with art galleries, festivals and music concerts in London.
I still have no job, but its ok i have been spending my days trapsing the next for ideas. I have also managed to blag a Press Pass for The Big Chill fetsival next weekend. I am meant to be working the bar, which i will as i need the monies but its always nice to get free things.

Lovebox was wicked. Me and Hardip managed to walk around for a bit and take the piss. We also managed to get off early on Sunday so went to see SMD tear it up at the RELENTLESS stage which was amazing. Met some cool people as well, so it was a nice change to be around people who i didnt really know.

Field Day this saturday! Its going to be a good one. All the girls from portsmouth are coming, London and anywhere else they live for a big girl day out while we jam at the Bugged Out stage. Swine flu has taken its toll on many, but i may have a job at the NHS helpline for it, Bit random but fingers crossed.

So not much else. Cant buy any clothes as i am broke, so i am admiring what shit i have in my wardrobe.

News for thought: Download Passion Pit's album. I love the single 'The Reeling' its amazing.

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