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sorry its late.l.

Had an amazing time at UNTOLD Fashion show in London this week! I have got a full review to write with some pictures aswell but i have been so busy i have been in London all week for interviews ect, and have not been getting back since gone 10pm!

So be patient, tomorrow i will have a free day!



I am off to the London Design Festival today, thanks to the lovely Nikki Bruce at Urban Spark.

I am sure to take many photo's.


Bestival and Henry Holland

Ok so the job hunting is still taking up most of my time. I have had a bit of a busy few weeks, Bestival was of course the highlight of last weekend. Lots of sun and lots of fun with all my friend. I managed to work only 3 6 hour shifts which suited me fine as i wanted to have more fun than work. I was on main staghe bar so heard a few acts. Fleet Foxes were a let down and so were MGMT i dont know if it was because of the technical side, but Florence managed to do a set well.

Fake Blood were of course fantastic! They were in the Bollywood tent which was rammed. Caspa and Annie Mac rinsed it too. Last year there were more areas for chilling out in - Restival being the best cotch ever. Now its been replaced by a smaller version and there is a new field called the Afterburner. It has is pretty visual but i didnt manged to see it myself. I heard it was amazing with some DJ Derek clapping his tunes out but myhighlight was the woods! 4am strolls with my friends climbing tree's can bnot be beaten.

So still no job. i may have got a pass for London Fashion week thanks to Urban SPARK;S Nikki Bruce Urban Spark so fingers crossed for that!
Went to Peckham on friday night to meet my new mate Charlie. She invited me to a random warehouse party which i ddint get to see much off as i was so drunk. Met friend before in Covent Garden where one worked behind a bar, and i kind of took it too far. Still fun all the same, even if i did loose my purse and sanity.

So whats happening in the Fashion world? I have been seeing a lot ofd ASHISH but have you seen Holland's tight's range for Pretty Polly? They are amazing, even pixie geldof wears tthem.


employ me?

I have been away for a while, living the dream over the summer.

The Big Chill, T fest in Emsworth and now its back to reality (well untill bestival next week). I have had a change of direction for a career many times in the past month;
  • Fashion Stylist/ Wardrobe Assistant
  • Event Organiser
  • Press Officer
  • Teacher Support
  • Youth Worker
  • Make up Artist
  • Radio DJ
  • PR.
I am qualified to work within all these sectors but still no luck with job life!