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So this is the website i am currently writing articles for. Its been quite hard falling back into writing again, especially news stories when i have been used to blog's and feature editorial. But wish me luck and lets hope they like the stories i have been reporting on.

Whispermag.co.uk has also been interested in some of my pieces - i have just emailed over some poetry, so lets hope that they will be interested!
Its only 2 days away from Fashionista's Night Out. I am looking forward to dressing up. I bought a lovely black lace bodice off ebay last night which i am going to team with some wet leggings and a blazer for Haloween. I have decided to go as a vamp - I want to look nice as well as gruesome. Lets see what happens anyway.

If you are interested in diversity and enjoy reading news stories that are different to your usual press then visit Emma.tv.


Week ahead.

This weekend i got paid so i went nuts and bought a few dresses from Dorothy Perkins (suprisingly they are getting a lot more funkier with more choice..) and went to sunny Brighton. Went to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) which blew me away with the size of the food, plus we made a new friend called Van, who was a legend.
This week i am attending My New Best Friends show on Thursday night to promote the lovely Urban Spark accessories. I am not only there to spread the word, but to make some networks myself.
On Friday i am going to The Scala for some Halloween mayhem which will be exceptionally fun, and again i will be reviewing the night for all to see on my blog.

I am very excited for thursday. I have been told to 'dress for the paparazzi'. What the hell do i wear?
Nikki Bruce from Urban Spark did the lovely banner for the night below. Well done Nikki!



I have joined the site, Lexposure.net. Its a great site for creative folk to correspond with one another. From photographers, fashionista's and editors, its full of like minded people who give surfers access to there portofolios and designs. If you fancy chatting to an industry indsider, you can just follow them or write in there wall. Its a Facebook for everything else but friends. I am addicted already. I have started talking to a great 'fashionista' from Germany and i have already worked on working alongside an editor for a new talent magazine.

Its great.

Urban Spark

For those how dont remember, i did the make up for Urban Spark's photoshoot earlier this year. Here are some of the images of the products and the girls modeling. The company is really kicking off with some great coverage from Whispermag and Mynewbestfriends.co.uk always up for promoting the great label.

I have the pleasure of wearing this amazing broach designed by Nikki Bruce ofr Urban Spark. It is one of a kind and everyone compliments me on it when i wear it. There is also matching earings and a ring in both silver and black.

Caz got Soul

Me and my flatmate Caz had a little photoshoot last night on her new camera. She has just strarted a new course in Photography at college and here is her blog. CAZGOTSOUL.


Pumpkin anyone?

As you have noticed i have added a little bit of music to my blog. Just a few tunes that help me remember good times, especially the ones i have blogged.

Still looking for full time employment but teaching is going well. Tonight is Beatdown - Sub Focus, Scratch Perverts and Zinc. I saw Zinc and Hype down at Fabric on Thursday evening. A celebration of Fabric's 10th Birthday. The soundsystem was ridiculous! I could heardly hear a thing when i left the club. Once again fabric entertained, a night i was able to let my hair down as i was not working. Friday i went to Brick Lane and got on merry terms with a few Londoners. Met a few friends and continued the drinking back in forest Hill before falling to sleep at a reasonable 1am. I am getting to old in my young age..

Beatdown @ Liquid tonight.

Continuing with the out and onwards theme, i am planning to head back into the big smoke for Halloween. I have been torn between 2 different nights for a while now. One is in the amazing SCALA in Kings Cross which is also home to the amazing, Braindrop. Bonobo, some dubsetp and many local dj's. Although another night is also an opportunity. If only i could clone myself. I really love haloween, i wish the UK loved it as much as those Americans.



Nu Magazine : Fashion laid bare.

Founded by Amisha Miller and Lauren Maleh, NU Magazine is an inspirational ethical fashion inspired magazine. All products that lace the pages are items which benefit the world as well a the wardrobe.

On the 17th October, NU Magazine showased there first ever fashion show at the fantastic Fishtank Festival. The Festival which was held at The Rag Factory near Brick Lane, East London was the first ever fashion show that the magazine and fashion line had organised. The location was perfect for creating intimicy within such a busy city. The Rag Factory, a white haven displaying local artists work as well as music by local bands and comedy, echoed with culture and diversity. From comedy to street dancers and a two piece band called 'Why Whisky Why' the entertainment was fresh, individual and imaginative. Break dancers graced the concrete floors with a spectacular performance by new and Born Blonde. The Ocean room was the centre piece for all the entertainment including the fashion show.  Lauren Maleh was thanked on the opening of the show with reference to the fashion world being ' a world of contrasts'. With a country that regards Primark and most cheaper high street chains as a benefit to the British high street, these unethical company's do not realise to the extent to how countries such as Bangledesh suffer from the demands of the cotton trade. (For more information click here)
An average worker from Bangledesh works an average 12 hour day, making sure cotton from the fields is produced for shipping. A worker can earn up to £44 a month - very little considering we pay £44 for an item in a high street store alone.
The chemicals used within the crop fields add up to 2 billion a year which destroys local farmers crops. The purpose of NU Magazine's seasonal editions is to show readers and consumers you can have fanastic fashion at your fingertips while saving others in the process.

The Autimn/ Winter collection 2009 was a sophisticated array of tailored skirts and high waisted trousers. My perception in the past of 'Ethical Fashion' was that it wasn't indeed, fashionable. I was pleasently suprised when a incredible pair of grey high waisted trousers teamed with a feminine purpleshirt fluttered down the runway. With feminine detail around the neckline and cuff's, the shirt was a key item within the collection which i would mix and match with the endless array of black skirts and tailored skirts.
Designers featured in the Fashion show included; Article 23, Ciel, Elena Garcia,Karen Cole, Komodo, Leju, Park Voguel, People Tree, Stewart and Brown (Below Left) and Terra Planna. (For a full list of designers there is a link at the end of the blog)

A big suprise for me was the casual  collection by People Tree which sported funky, bright bootcut trousers in gold and black which were teamed with off the shoulder t-shirts detailed with women's faces and Waistcoats. One top that inspired me was a backless and hipless top which had various cuts taken from the matrial. Slightly risk√© but elegant, it could have been mistaken for a  piece from a Valentino collection.

The models dressed in the tailored collection reflected the working woman with fanastic sexiness and feminity. The dress to the left is from designer Stewart + Brown who's pieces have recently appeared in Vogue. The designers who orgainiate from California are two partners in life and work who use inspiration from there love and respect for nature.
The casual collection with designers People Tree boasted the electricity of the event, with bright colours on both the models bodies and faces. Make up for the event was completed by Mira.  Bright funky eyes contrasted with the gothic lipstick and eye make up from the tailored collection. Model Lottie, 22 who modelled the casual collection was ecstatic to be involved in the event. 'I think its a great cause, i didnt expect the clothes to be as vibrant and sophisticated as this'

Styling assistant Raheela Ahmed was backstage with the models making sure that they were ready for the big show.
 After working alongside Lauren, Raheela admits this is something that is close to her heart ' Its a fantastic opportunity to get ethical fashion out there. People have preconceptions on the sort of products that are available to them but i hope this show highlights that you can be fashionable as well as saving others and the planet'
With bulbs falshing at every opportunity it was a great moment to experience a different fashion pride, with London Fashion Week been and gone this was a real taster of what is to come in the future from ethical fashion. Small and intimate but filled to the brim with creative students, industry insiders and designers, the event was a fanastic opportunity for the magazine to get the fashion out there.
For those with a more sophisticated style who prefer to wear knits or light work wear these designers may be of interest to you.

One of my favourite designers from the Fashion Show is Good One. Check out the site for video's and bio's on how these designers reuse old fashion to create something quite spectacular.

And before you go running to the high street to buy  some new clothes - think whats in your wardrobe. Here are a few facts that might make you consider about being ethical.

  1. UK consumed 2 million tonnes of clothes, or £23bn, annually  
  2. The time frame for making clothes has gone from 3-4 months to 12 days
  3. The fast/discount fashion clothing sector accounts for one fifth of the UK market and has doubled its growth during 1999-2006
  4. Just 10% of clothing consumed within the UK is manufactured here 
  5. Between1996-2005, spending on clothing and textiles grew 34%

If you are interested in reading about NU Magazine or getting involved in any ethical issues visit Nu Magazine's offical website.


SOME NIGHT. I stumbled across this flyer while exiting Deadmau5's amazing live set on Wednesday outside the Roundhouse in Camden. The night which is held at The Den (Formally known as The End) boasts Electro/Dubstep/Bassline and 'someothers'. Every Wednesday at The Den, Tottenham Court Road.



I want to go. Last years London exhibit i missed.


Betheny Hall Poetry

I have decided to put some of my poetry up online for some of you readers to see. I have varied poems and some are too personal for the net, but here are some for the meantime for you to look at. Please leave comments and tell me what you think. I am currently editing a lot of the work i have done (as being unemployed i have a lot of time to do that now..) so that it is of a good enough standard to possibly move into print.

My writing style also varies and the structrure of the stanza'a are different paces. So if you dont understand them first time, have another read and you will get the flow.


Beth Hall Poetry



'Thrown together?'

I just don't get it..


Andy Donohoe

Check out what he does; http://andydonohoe.co.uk

One of my very dear friends, Andy Donohoe, has started his own blog. He is currently living in Mexico after traveling around the USA. Check out his amazing photo's and his updates Here

Cant wait to start work..

Bring on the 9-5.

Perex Hilton was right...

(c) Perez Hilton

For someone who has it all ( Dating Robert Pattinson, 2 more sequal films to Twilight, a bank account the size of Asia...) she is one moody actress.
Her contstant' attitude' during interviews and her obnoxious statements about Twilight (which may i remind you?, made you!) is starting to piss me off. I am sure there are a thousand better actresses out there that will gladly take your shoes. You only got the role because Kristen the director used you before...
Earlier this year Kristen, who commented on a statement about possibly winning an Oscar (i dont know why...) she replied ' When a film gets the recognition for being a great film and not just a money maker, i might consider it'. HOW RUDE. The film that made her...
And reason 237,200 why i dislike Kristen Stewart... She is dating Ribert Patitnson. For a nEnglish actor WITH a sense of humour, its hard to understand how this unemotional, boring, arogant 19 year old became 'the love of his life'?!

It just infuriates me. Celebrities who 'hate' fame...... Dont do films then. Simples.


Twilight saga

I have been filling me days with the Twilight saga. The first book was a 300 page frenzy of the most intense sexual tension i have ever read. I though by New Moon they would of at least followed there senses and subjected themselves to what Edward cullen describes as 'Torture' Please! He needs to stop acting like a vampire. I have since completing New Moon and now i am finishing Eclipse. These books are seriously addictive, and with only 1 book left i don't know if i want to know the ending. Forget Harry Potter, get these books. Romance, horror, suspense and more turns and twists than the M25. It also surprises me that Robert Pattinson who is Edward Cullen in the films, has decided (by reports of the National Enquirer) has 'put his career on hold for the love of his life, Kristen'. He is 23 and she is 19 who has only just split from previous actor boyfriend from film, 'Sneak'. The twosome who cast members describe as 'In a world of there own' have not confirmed reports they are dating. If the new film is anything to do by, Jacob the beautiful half wolf half teenage boy character, Kristen Stewart may decide to do a 'sneaky' little switch.

Here is the fantastic new trailer to 'New MOON' which is released 20th November 2009.

UNTOLD Autumn/Winter Fashion Show 2010

This season there is a lot of attention to detail which accentuates around the waist. Many designers at the London Design Festival fashion show, Untold, made a distinct attempt to banish those admiring shoulder pads in admiration for the female silhouette
The first designer;

Pia Loves got her inspiration from the culture of an asian, indian tribe in the Middle east. Focusing on Maxi dresses, they completed a varied palet of pinks and purples with attention to detail around the neckline. Natural elements screamed through the designs with the use of rope and beads to create detail around the base of the back and the neck.
Her evening wear collection was still a range of floating dresses of cotten and muslin with sophisticated indian prints, idolising Sparese Thai Paisly.


This designer got her inspiration from the beautiful and elegant female composer of the 1800's. Her middle class twist on sophistication used a combination of lace and silk with exceptional detail on the back and waist of the torso. Suits and skirts were created with the use of woven silk which was peeled and layed onto cotton. One piece, which was an amazing white cotten and silk coat had fantastic detail down the back, imitating woodland, autumn treasures connotating innocence.

This designer focused on the 1960's influence of bolf, bright prints. These designs were simplistic yet bold in the stature of the material. Male and female collections boasted black, purple and yellow pallets wth the use of woven cotten and wool. The pieces were detailed on the waist with great attention to wide legged trousers and high waists. The pieces which would be ideal within an AW Suit collection screamed 'funky' as shirts and hats complemented the challening collection.

The Jewelery designers forefronted there fantasic array of plastic and gold gems. Designer xxx focused on plastic costume jewlery which were very aysymetric including square coloured plastic necklaces, gold and silver necklaces and 1970's plastic inspired bracelets which where square.