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So this is the website i am currently writing articles for. Its been quite hard falling back into writing again, especially news stories when i have been used to blog's and feature editorial. But wish me luck and lets hope they like the stories i have been reporting on.

Whispermag.co.uk has also been interested in some of my pieces - i have just emailed over some poetry, so lets hope that they will be interested!
Its only 2 days away from Fashionista's Night Out. I am looking forward to dressing up. I bought a lovely black lace bodice off ebay last night which i am going to team with some wet leggings and a blazer for Haloween. I have decided to go as a vamp - I want to look nice as well as gruesome. Lets see what happens anyway.

If you are interested in diversity and enjoy reading news stories that are different to your usual press then visit Emma.tv.

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