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Perex Hilton was right...

(c) Perez Hilton

For someone who has it all ( Dating Robert Pattinson, 2 more sequal films to Twilight, a bank account the size of Asia...) she is one moody actress.
Her contstant' attitude' during interviews and her obnoxious statements about Twilight (which may i remind you?, made you!) is starting to piss me off. I am sure there are a thousand better actresses out there that will gladly take your shoes. You only got the role because Kristen the director used you before...
Earlier this year Kristen, who commented on a statement about possibly winning an Oscar (i dont know why...) she replied ' When a film gets the recognition for being a great film and not just a money maker, i might consider it'. HOW RUDE. The film that made her...
And reason 237,200 why i dislike Kristen Stewart... She is dating Ribert Patitnson. For a nEnglish actor WITH a sense of humour, its hard to understand how this unemotional, boring, arogant 19 year old became 'the love of his life'?!

It just infuriates me. Celebrities who 'hate' fame...... Dont do films then. Simples.

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