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Pumpkin anyone?

As you have noticed i have added a little bit of music to my blog. Just a few tunes that help me remember good times, especially the ones i have blogged.

Still looking for full time employment but teaching is going well. Tonight is Beatdown - Sub Focus, Scratch Perverts and Zinc. I saw Zinc and Hype down at Fabric on Thursday evening. A celebration of Fabric's 10th Birthday. The soundsystem was ridiculous! I could heardly hear a thing when i left the club. Once again fabric entertained, a night i was able to let my hair down as i was not working. Friday i went to Brick Lane and got on merry terms with a few Londoners. Met a few friends and continued the drinking back in forest Hill before falling to sleep at a reasonable 1am. I am getting to old in my young age..

Beatdown @ Liquid tonight.

Continuing with the out and onwards theme, i am planning to head back into the big smoke for Halloween. I have been torn between 2 different nights for a while now. One is in the amazing SCALA in Kings Cross which is also home to the amazing, Braindrop. Bonobo, some dubsetp and many local dj's. Although another night is also an opportunity. If only i could clone myself. I really love haloween, i wish the UK loved it as much as those Americans.


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