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Twilight saga

I have been filling me days with the Twilight saga. The first book was a 300 page frenzy of the most intense sexual tension i have ever read. I though by New Moon they would of at least followed there senses and subjected themselves to what Edward cullen describes as 'Torture' Please! He needs to stop acting like a vampire. I have since completing New Moon and now i am finishing Eclipse. These books are seriously addictive, and with only 1 book left i don't know if i want to know the ending. Forget Harry Potter, get these books. Romance, horror, suspense and more turns and twists than the M25. It also surprises me that Robert Pattinson who is Edward Cullen in the films, has decided (by reports of the National Enquirer) has 'put his career on hold for the love of his life, Kristen'. He is 23 and she is 19 who has only just split from previous actor boyfriend from film, 'Sneak'. The twosome who cast members describe as 'In a world of there own' have not confirmed reports they are dating. If the new film is anything to do by, Jacob the beautiful half wolf half teenage boy character, Kristen Stewart may decide to do a 'sneaky' little switch.

Here is the fantastic new trailer to 'New MOON' which is released 20th November 2009.

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