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UNTOLD Autumn/Winter Fashion Show 2010

This season there is a lot of attention to detail which accentuates around the waist. Many designers at the London Design Festival fashion show, Untold, made a distinct attempt to banish those admiring shoulder pads in admiration for the female silhouette
The first designer;

Pia Loves got her inspiration from the culture of an asian, indian tribe in the Middle east. Focusing on Maxi dresses, they completed a varied palet of pinks and purples with attention to detail around the neckline. Natural elements screamed through the designs with the use of rope and beads to create detail around the base of the back and the neck.
Her evening wear collection was still a range of floating dresses of cotten and muslin with sophisticated indian prints, idolising Sparese Thai Paisly.


This designer got her inspiration from the beautiful and elegant female composer of the 1800's. Her middle class twist on sophistication used a combination of lace and silk with exceptional detail on the back and waist of the torso. Suits and skirts were created with the use of woven silk which was peeled and layed onto cotton. One piece, which was an amazing white cotten and silk coat had fantastic detail down the back, imitating woodland, autumn treasures connotating innocence.

This designer focused on the 1960's influence of bolf, bright prints. These designs were simplistic yet bold in the stature of the material. Male and female collections boasted black, purple and yellow pallets wth the use of woven cotten and wool. The pieces were detailed on the waist with great attention to wide legged trousers and high waists. The pieces which would be ideal within an AW Suit collection screamed 'funky' as shirts and hats complemented the challening collection.

The Jewelery designers forefronted there fantasic array of plastic and gold gems. Designer xxx focused on plastic costume jewlery which were very aysymetric including square coloured plastic necklaces, gold and silver necklaces and 1970's plastic inspired bracelets which where square.

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