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Week ahead.

This weekend i got paid so i went nuts and bought a few dresses from Dorothy Perkins (suprisingly they are getting a lot more funkier with more choice..) and went to sunny Brighton. Went to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) which blew me away with the size of the food, plus we made a new friend called Van, who was a legend.
This week i am attending My New Best Friends show on Thursday night to promote the lovely Urban Spark accessories. I am not only there to spread the word, but to make some networks myself.
On Friday i am going to The Scala for some Halloween mayhem which will be exceptionally fun, and again i will be reviewing the night for all to see on my blog.

I am very excited for thursday. I have been told to 'dress for the paparazzi'. What the hell do i wear?
Nikki Bruce from Urban Spark did the lovely banner for the night below. Well done Nikki!

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