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Another publication..

I have had another piece that i have written for Whispermag.co.uk put online! It is about being single at Christmas. I got my inspiration after heading to the cinema on my own the other day to watch New Moon. I hope you enjoy...

 By Betheny Hall

Chek it out if you have time.


Bordello Lingerie

The Guardian wrote an article on Tuesday commenting on the remarkable gorwing interest in online blogging. Celebrities and fashion designers are now competing with 'nobody's' who set up blogs for readers to indulge in at their leisure. Those who make blogs that exceed 15,000 hits a day are placed in the Guardian's top10 blogs to read. A few have cropped up which i am familiar with and i would say are the most popular.
Read the article here: The Guardian - Rise of the E-Con

As Christmas is coming my mother has asked me what i want for it. I have decided that a flat screen TV is always good to start with as soon i will be moving out and i need one for myself. I have also been pondering the latest fashion magazines and have realised Lingerie may be taking stea ahead of my wardrobe obsession. Since payday is not till next month i have been pretty good with money recently - although never a lingerie fan i bought a matching set the other day for the first time in ages. Sounds lazy, but i am never one to plan ahead. La Senza had an amazing sale on - bra for £5 and pants for £3.
One shop i would adore to go into is that located in Shoreditch whcih i have passed on many occasions. By appointment only, its the most luxorious underwear  i have seen in a long time. Dedicated to 1920's caberet and burlesque it is seductive yet feminine. I think i would enjoy sitting in there items all day.

Bordello in Shoreditch (E1) flaunts a seductive website and an array of gloves, whips, chains and stockings which loose the high strete smut of Ann Summers.
Many items below are designed by Lustourous and sold within Bordello.

New Moon

I8 went to the midnight showing of Twilight: New Moon on Thursday and to be honest? I was quite dissapointed. I have been waiting for the past 3 months with all the hype to see the much anticipated film staring Robert Pattinson and newly buffed up teen, Taylor Lautner. I was not impressed by the casting of some of the warewolves - not scary and not very attractive considering the books adaptation. The Flow was slow and it took a good 40 minutes before anything sustaintle happened. I thought that Kristen Stewart was the best actress within the film, i resent saying this as i am not a fan of her personally but he played the broken hearted girl well. The change in direction is possibly why the film felt less gothic and more moody than before. Lost are the blue and green lighting effects that are replaced with brown and yellow which doesnt breathe out a feel of Forks at all. I have been a regular reader of the 4 books and i must admit although Twilight the first film could of been imporved, it was a lot better than New Moon. Eclipse is where the story takes everything oen step further, especially with regards to Edward and Jacob's bitter fight for love. Bella Swan is still the defiant damsel in distress and no matter how hard i tried i did like her in the film.
Edward ends the film by asking bella to marry him - which is a cheesy place to leave a cliffhanger. Many parts of the book which are important to the plot, including Victoria the vampire, were shortened and replaced by body shots of the two heartthrobs. The film seems to pay more attention to the actors than the plot.


Massive hectic.

I have been so busy in my new job its been hard to get time to Tweet or write my blog. I have had to loeave my writing experience out  for a while as being a AS teacher is proving to be quite stressfull. I have been thrown in at the deep end, trying to figure out what students need to be completing and although its stressfull i only do 12 hours a week but the planning is long as well.
On another note i went to Clapham North this weeeknd, went to Dubnocks and Broomsticks which was a dubstep night. I met up with Charlie and a few of her mates and we stayed out till a good 4am and then went back to hers. I have to admit, i am getting a bit to old for this malarky now.

I have got a lot of planning to do for my job so when i have a free day i will be investigating something fun! I have been trying to give mysekf some space recently, shutting myself off facebook and twitter so that i can get on with more important things. Also, i feel stalking on facebook pages every hour or everyday is actually making me mad - i keep getting paranoid and think the worst. So for now - Cya Later Facecrack.


So this weekend i went to Brighton for another lovely evening with my girlfriends. We randomly met up with my friend Chris who i have not seen in ages and we went to AUdio on the seafront where we saw an act called Stop Making Me, who were fantastic! I was meant to go see Subfocus but this was just as good, a great blend of electro and house.

Found an amazing gold jacket in Oxfam for £3 on friday which i took with me. I got lots of compliments, so think i must if had a good buy. This week i started my new job at Thames Valley university teaching Media Studies. It is going ok so far, i have been planning my lessons today as i need to teeach the students InDesign and Photoshop which i need ot brass up on.

Layo and Bushwacka who used to resident dj at The End before it turned into The Den (How original...) have started playing at a new club in Shoreditch, east London called Village Underground. The idea is having a 'shakedown' in  london warehouses.Layo Paskin says ' We were nervous doing the warehouse parties but now it feels it is the best way forward'.

(Ignore the date: They are resident dj's there now..)

The next event is on the 5th December 2009 at Village Undergound with Layo and Buswacka themselves. For anyone that didnt see the twosome smash it at Bestival this year (i didnt as i was working..) have a look at this;


' We live in Public' Film - Josh Harris.

Check this article about an amazing Bio film about Josh Harris, who is the Andy Warhol of the web. Harris who lived his life for 100 days in the public eye, disapeared after completing his mission. The multimillionaire who was one of the first entrenpenurs of the internet back in the 1900's took 80Million dollars of his money to explore the wonders of technology in an average world. The businessman held his own Millenium Eve party where he had many human subjects living in pods in a building which were wired up to their own channel on TVvia his online site, Psuedo.com. The experiement offered its subjects entire freedom, which would explain the countless encounters where there were drugs and sex- where at one point Harris attentpted to co-ordinate simaltanious orgasms between 3 couples.

The film in itself ( 'we live in public') which was premiered at the London Film Festival last Month, aims to portray what our children or youth can be subjected too if too much money comes into their lives..
Its an itnteresting concept, it would be interesting to see. Unfortantely i missed the premier but i know it will be available at the British Film Institute in London (BFI) Where you can access for free.

I went to the TATE the other weekend to see the POP! Exhibit although it was too expsenive for me to get into. I am really interested in going back again, as i would really love to see some of this work;


Fashionista's Night Out

Fashionista's Night Out

Here are a fea taster images from the Fashionista night on the 29th October courtesy of the lovely professionals at the event. I had amazing time representing Urban Spark who were teamed with Individual Threads on there own stall Located at the Bloomsbury Hotel in London, the hotel was a great venue for the abundent of talent and style that strutted though the halls. The fantastic crystal chandaliers and beautiful tapistry, including sophisticated vases laced the rooms within the Hotel. There ws a great reception for Karena, the organiser and the founder of website http://www.myewbestfriends.co.uk/. The whole evening was dedicated to raising money for the Children's Trust, a cause close to Karena's heart.
The highlight of the evening was a sexy yet sophisticated stripteaseby Karena's own danced teacher, Agent Lynch, a cross btween burlesque and erotic dancing. Beautiful pearls drapped over luscious lace underwear were hurled into the air in an amazing striptease to the famous Bond 007 theme tune. Arriving in a 1950's style green dress, Lynch broke freee from a matching box in which she mimed Marlyin Monroe's 'Happy Birthday'  while strutting the stage for the crowd.

Presented by Sam Hexall ( Paris Hiltons New Best Friend, ITV 2) the show was full of quirky lines and fruity inuendos which made the crowd laugh. Facinated by Urban Spark's pieces, Sam ws bowed over by the mirroed neklaces and bracelets which he cooed over before the show. Urban Spark offerd winners of the rluxourious raffle to chose a piece of the collection or free. A very lucky lady chose the perfect mirror necklace from the Jules collection to which she was ecstatic by winning the prize.
Kareena's family were all abord to support the Fashionista's night which showcased some of the best in new musical taent (The Zemitones, Gabrielle Aplin and Roko) which echoed through the room. A silent roomn watched as the softly spoken Gabrielle sang with one of the most amazing voices i have ever heard. For someone so petite, her lungs sure made up for it!

The Zemitones, 2 guys from Souh East London made me stand to my feet as they sang acoustic performances for which the women in the crowd looked mezmerized. An aution of some of the amazing designers that attended the show were sold, raising more money for the great charity.

After watching an amazing fashion show i had to leave at 10pm to catch my last train which wa sa little inconvinent as the night had only just started. I have my own personal pictures which i m waiting to upload as soon as i find my card reader, but for now please thank mynewbestfriend.co.uk for these images.


Fashionista's Night Out.

Attended the Fashionista's Night Out at the bloomsbury Hotel in London on Thursday. I have lots of pictures to put up but just need to find my cable...

In the mean time check mynewbestfriends.co.uk.

The Scala

Had an amazing weekend in London again, although i can not remember much. Went to the girls house in Forest Hill for some food and drinks before heading into Kings Cross for around 11pm where we went to The Scala. I was presented with a live piece band from isreal called The Apples on stage, who were amazing. Then it was a bit of a blur as the Halloween festivities kicked in. Sat night i went to Covent Garden for a few drinks but the night before was taking its toll. Now its Monday and i have work tomorro. A lovely week off to chill and get fed at home but now i need to start for my new job!

Yes, a new job. I am now a Media teacher at AS level at the Thames Valley University in Reading, Berkshire. Its not London but i think staying at home and saving my pennies will help me for next year when i do aim on moving to London.

So now i am brunette. I had the change on Thursday when i dyed my hair white blonde which washed me out completely. I really wanted to loook like Lauren Conrad's hair, long and dark blonde with some light highlights but to do that i needed a base, so i have gone back to honey brown. Its ok, makes me look a bit more professional than the blonde but  i do miss it.