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Bordello Lingerie

The Guardian wrote an article on Tuesday commenting on the remarkable gorwing interest in online blogging. Celebrities and fashion designers are now competing with 'nobody's' who set up blogs for readers to indulge in at their leisure. Those who make blogs that exceed 15,000 hits a day are placed in the Guardian's top10 blogs to read. A few have cropped up which i am familiar with and i would say are the most popular.
Read the article here: The Guardian - Rise of the E-Con

As Christmas is coming my mother has asked me what i want for it. I have decided that a flat screen TV is always good to start with as soon i will be moving out and i need one for myself. I have also been pondering the latest fashion magazines and have realised Lingerie may be taking stea ahead of my wardrobe obsession. Since payday is not till next month i have been pretty good with money recently - although never a lingerie fan i bought a matching set the other day for the first time in ages. Sounds lazy, but i am never one to plan ahead. La Senza had an amazing sale on - bra for £5 and pants for £3.
One shop i would adore to go into is that located in Shoreditch whcih i have passed on many occasions. By appointment only, its the most luxorious underwear  i have seen in a long time. Dedicated to 1920's caberet and burlesque it is seductive yet feminine. I think i would enjoy sitting in there items all day.

Bordello in Shoreditch (E1) flaunts a seductive website and an array of gloves, whips, chains and stockings which loose the high strete smut of Ann Summers.
Many items below are designed by Lustourous and sold within Bordello.


Luxe. said...

Isnt the outfit on the left want britney spears wore on her tout? Looks exactly like it!.x

Betheny Hall said...

It may well be! I think they are all lush, i would love to walk around all day in these..