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Massive hectic.

I have been so busy in my new job its been hard to get time to Tweet or write my blog. I have had to loeave my writing experience out  for a while as being a AS teacher is proving to be quite stressfull. I have been thrown in at the deep end, trying to figure out what students need to be completing and although its stressfull i only do 12 hours a week but the planning is long as well.
On another note i went to Clapham North this weeeknd, went to Dubnocks and Broomsticks which was a dubstep night. I met up with Charlie and a few of her mates and we stayed out till a good 4am and then went back to hers. I have to admit, i am getting a bit to old for this malarky now.

I have got a lot of planning to do for my job so when i have a free day i will be investigating something fun! I have been trying to give mysekf some space recently, shutting myself off facebook and twitter so that i can get on with more important things. Also, i feel stalking on facebook pages every hour or everyday is actually making me mad - i keep getting paranoid and think the worst. So for now - Cya Later Facecrack.

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