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New Moon

I8 went to the midnight showing of Twilight: New Moon on Thursday and to be honest? I was quite dissapointed. I have been waiting for the past 3 months with all the hype to see the much anticipated film staring Robert Pattinson and newly buffed up teen, Taylor Lautner. I was not impressed by the casting of some of the warewolves - not scary and not very attractive considering the books adaptation. The Flow was slow and it took a good 40 minutes before anything sustaintle happened. I thought that Kristen Stewart was the best actress within the film, i resent saying this as i am not a fan of her personally but he played the broken hearted girl well. The change in direction is possibly why the film felt less gothic and more moody than before. Lost are the blue and green lighting effects that are replaced with brown and yellow which doesnt breathe out a feel of Forks at all. I have been a regular reader of the 4 books and i must admit although Twilight the first film could of been imporved, it was a lot better than New Moon. Eclipse is where the story takes everything oen step further, especially with regards to Edward and Jacob's bitter fight for love. Bella Swan is still the defiant damsel in distress and no matter how hard i tried i did like her in the film.
Edward ends the film by asking bella to marry him - which is a cheesy place to leave a cliffhanger. Many parts of the book which are important to the plot, including Victoria the vampire, were shortened and replaced by body shots of the two heartthrobs. The film seems to pay more attention to the actors than the plot.

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