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The Scala

Had an amazing weekend in London again, although i can not remember much. Went to the girls house in Forest Hill for some food and drinks before heading into Kings Cross for around 11pm where we went to The Scala. I was presented with a live piece band from isreal called The Apples on stage, who were amazing. Then it was a bit of a blur as the Halloween festivities kicked in. Sat night i went to Covent Garden for a few drinks but the night before was taking its toll. Now its Monday and i have work tomorro. A lovely week off to chill and get fed at home but now i need to start for my new job!

Yes, a new job. I am now a Media teacher at AS level at the Thames Valley University in Reading, Berkshire. Its not London but i think staying at home and saving my pennies will help me for next year when i do aim on moving to London.

So now i am brunette. I had the change on Thursday when i dyed my hair white blonde which washed me out completely. I really wanted to loook like Lauren Conrad's hair, long and dark blonde with some light highlights but to do that i needed a base, so i have gone back to honey brown. Its ok, makes me look a bit more professional than the blonde but  i do miss it.

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