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So this weekend i went to Brighton for another lovely evening with my girlfriends. We randomly met up with my friend Chris who i have not seen in ages and we went to AUdio on the seafront where we saw an act called Stop Making Me, who were fantastic! I was meant to go see Subfocus but this was just as good, a great blend of electro and house.

Found an amazing gold jacket in Oxfam for £3 on friday which i took with me. I got lots of compliments, so think i must if had a good buy. This week i started my new job at Thames Valley university teaching Media Studies. It is going ok so far, i have been planning my lessons today as i need to teeach the students InDesign and Photoshop which i need ot brass up on.

Layo and Bushwacka who used to resident dj at The End before it turned into The Den (How original...) have started playing at a new club in Shoreditch, east London called Village Underground. The idea is having a 'shakedown' in  london warehouses.Layo Paskin says ' We were nervous doing the warehouse parties but now it feels it is the best way forward'.

(Ignore the date: They are resident dj's there now..)

The next event is on the 5th December 2009 at Village Undergound with Layo and Buswacka themselves. For anyone that didnt see the twosome smash it at Bestival this year (i didnt as i was working..) have a look at this;

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