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' We live in Public' Film - Josh Harris.

Check this article about an amazing Bio film about Josh Harris, who is the Andy Warhol of the web. Harris who lived his life for 100 days in the public eye, disapeared after completing his mission. The multimillionaire who was one of the first entrenpenurs of the internet back in the 1900's took 80Million dollars of his money to explore the wonders of technology in an average world. The businessman held his own Millenium Eve party where he had many human subjects living in pods in a building which were wired up to their own channel on TVvia his online site, Psuedo.com. The experiement offered its subjects entire freedom, which would explain the countless encounters where there were drugs and sex- where at one point Harris attentpted to co-ordinate simaltanious orgasms between 3 couples.

The film in itself ( 'we live in public') which was premiered at the London Film Festival last Month, aims to portray what our children or youth can be subjected too if too much money comes into their lives..
Its an itnteresting concept, it would be interesting to see. Unfortantely i missed the premier but i know it will be available at the British Film Institute in London (BFI) Where you can access for free.

I went to the TATE the other weekend to see the POP! Exhibit although it was too expsenive for me to get into. I am really interested in going back again, as i would really love to see some of this work;

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