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I keep spending way too much money on clothes. Recently i have been arguing with myself about my over spending as i have now seemed to fill 2 wardrobes at home yet still have nothing to wear. I have recently aquired a fur coat, lace dress, lfat vintagte boots, embellished jacket, ST Tropez tan (as if i need this in winter?) lace padded shoulder top, knee high boots and lots of Barry M Nail varnish. I seem to have forgotton the amount i spent at Christmas not to mention the credit cards and bills i need to pay out soon. God i am rubbish!
New years resoulution number 1 - stop spending money you dont have. Mastercard is not a friend, its an enemy.

2. Srop eating Wispa's as 'meals'
3. Actaully do some exercise this year.
4. Stop dying your hair (it may fall out soon..)
5. Dont pine after the morons you usually do (convicts, ex-convicts, emotional retards and alcoholics)
6. Trey to lose 2lbs a week (and not in money!)

Considering number 6, i actually stayed the same at the weight in this week. I seem to have not put on 6lbs as i first thought. I did consume a lot of food b ut hardly any drink so it may have just cancelled out. Tomorrow is another story, i am going out dancing all night so that allows for some serious drinking to be taken (am i sure alcoholics are bad for me??..)

Happy New Year and i will be back in 2010

 My highlights this year.

The Big Chill 2009 (August) - This was anamazing festival and i will be going to it again next year. The music, the weather and the company was perfect i couldnt have asked for a better weekend.

Bestival 2009 (September) - Although not as perfect in weather and moments as the Big Chill, as i had to work, it was full ofbanter and lads of friends i had missed all over summer.

Balaton Sound, Hungary (June) - Another amaxing festival yet in Budapest. Great friend, great musci and a tent located on the side of Lake Balaton. Perfect.

London- I seem to have been adopted by my Forest Hill friends. This of coure is by there own will, and i would consider myself to live there every Friday and Saturday.

Temper Trap and Florence - My staples in music when i am driving or training it to London. Great sounds and amazing mellow feelings.

New Friends - I have made some weird and wonderful friends this year while on my escapades. Some i have never met, and some i have known but have become close with. Its a great new start to new adventures for 2010.

Cheryl Cole - Oh god.

Twilight - A bit late, but i am now infatuated. I have finished all books and although geeky, this trivia kept me sane for a good month for so.

Thailand - make or break of some things but it was a great moment for change. Some for good some for bad but change doesnt always have to be something to be scared of, and some people i know have become a better person for it.


Hardip said...

WHEN did you go to Thailand Beth?! Jokes!!!

Betheny Hall said...

never! I am making a point of how Thailand changed people, some for goodd!