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Covert Candy - Vintage clothes

Covert Candy is another fantastic website which hosts a virtual world of shopping, for free! Thats right, you dont have to spend a penny. For those of us who buy clothes, wear them once and leave them in our drawers never to be worn again, covert candy is a great site to get rid of your unwanted clothes. Users can gain credits for the amount of clothes they sell - earning more credits for clothes to 'buy'. Not only can you exchange clothes, but network with fellow fashionista's and build a rapport with other users. Not only is it great for our social status, but it also stops clothes being thrown into landfill sites thus wasting perfectly good garments that could be used elsewhere. Even if you dont exchange clothes, Covert Candy has its own vintage shop were there are a range of products for resonable prices. Men and Women can both shop online- dont think its just a 'girl thing' because men can dress to impress too. Bags and shoes are also evident ranging in all sorts of styles and sizes. Shopping by brand may be easier for those designer bunny's out there, with the list rangin from Disel to H&M.

There are short videos on the sitr which highlight how to use the websute well - if you didnt know alrady. Cocert Candy also gives customers top up on credit from time to time - saving you even more 'virtual' pennies. With Christmas only days away, its a great way to make space in that already 'clutterd' wardrobe for the new year. Start selling your old or new clothes and you might just be able to find space for more...

With a service that is 100% free to use, there is no middle man. its just you and your customers swapping clothes.


smartchic said...

convert candy is definitely a good try to dispose pre-loved stuff from your closet.

Betheny Hall said...

sO TRUE! I love it