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Hectic Times

So i have been major busy recently with Mock exams and prep for my AS students. I have been getting into work for 8am and not leaving till 5pm - dying in the traffic on the way home and not falling asleep till 10. Thats early i know, but i am shattered. I have not been doing much other than attending the London night scene, but this weekend i am heading into aLondon in the day and shopping with the girls in camden and Brick Lane. I am excited to get some presents that i dont see anywhere else. aI always seem to get the same items for my family; clothes, books and dvd's. This year i got my sister a lovely jumper from Zara - i wanted to spend more money. I spent £80 on myself of course which is stupid on hair extensions, clothes and a gorgeous dress from Topshop.

Anyway i will promise to keep more posted. I have had to quite writing for EMMA.TV as i have been s busy. So fingers crossed in the NY i can manage my time more and hopefully get some more freelance work. I am also looking to set up my .co.uk so i can get more work.

for now i will leave tyou with this years Turner Prize Winner ; Richard Wright

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