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Santa please can you bring me..

lala Berlin £335

                                Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Wellingstons

The bracelet is by Alex Monroe and is £110. I think wrapped up on a lovely winters day after a huge Christmas lunch, this would make anyone feel special over Christmas.

I wish, i wish...

Look at these delights from Net A Porter.com. The Lingerie is so delicate and beautiful, its a perfect gift for even me who is shameful an unmatching shame. Imagine all gift wrapped with floral beads and a bow, laying in the dishevelled morning hangover from the night before. It would brighten up a frosty morning...

I have also been humming down some bargains and recently went to the Camden Stables and bought some vintage boots and some slippers. Very rock onand roll i know, but i was meant to be shoping for others, not me. I will upload pics later.

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