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Liberty and Gillian

Gillian Wearing is a conceptual artist who i was impressed by while visiting the TATE. I picked up one of his images on a post card which was hilarious. Random women in white t-shirts with messages on them about their sexuality.
I have been really busy this week with OFSTED coming on Monday and trying to fit in all marking and coursework deadlines. I have not even worn out my Kurt G's yet!
I popped into London on Wednesday to vsiti my friend who works at Burberry. She gave me an interview, as she has been promoted to Stylist Asistant. Pretty darn good considering she was volunteering in Dress for sucess
Went to a secret Location in London on Friday for a warehouse party. It was insane! I loved it and cant wait for the next installment.

 Anyway - that will follow soon which i will write for NJAL. In the mean time check out these pieces by Gillian (this is the postcard i got)

I am loving Aquascutum

And of course, Stella.

Pictures Of Walls

Another great book i picked up from London, Pictures of Walls. London, Manchester and USA is covered in this picture book of pointless yet funny vandalism.

Artists i am Loving..

While at the TATE on Saurday, this painting by Meredith Frampton (1894-1928) was the piece of art that stayed with me all day. When you investigate this painting up close, the detail is magnificent. The knuckles, her nails and the creases in the leather sofa are so realistic its amazing that something so real wasnt a photographic image.

Another artist i was taken by was Aurel Schmidt, who has recently done an interview for Tokion Magazine. The New Yorker takes her own spin on sexuality with references to grotty, mundane objects you could find in a bin. Her use of condoms, banana skins and cigerette packets are elegantly drawn on canvas to create happy faces.



Boots - Agent Provocater

corset - What Katie Did

Photographs: Ellis Scott
For this months VICE Magazine

Grace Kelly

Liberty in London had a sale the other day. I found an amazing bargain, a pair of Kurt Geiger heels for £20! Reduced from £130 it was a dream come true.


It has been a hectic few weeks so uploads will come soon about my bargains. For now check out this great exhibition called 'Fashion for Hollywood' in London based on 1920's fashion. The exhibition which is based around legend Grace Kelly is one i am keen to see the next coming weeks.


Luella Sale

And just for admiration..

Aaron Johnson
Sorry for the small image i couldnt find a larger one. But we can still admire...


Charlotte Kemp and Sean Lennon

I like them

Karl Lagerfield loves them- (He shot them for New York's fashion week) and both hang out with Mark Ronson on a daily basis, not to forget one is the child of legend John Lennon. The couple, Charlotte Kemp who is an ex-model turned singer and her older but no less stylish boyfriend, Sean Lennon.



I have managed to start writing for http://www.notjustalabel.com/. I am very happy, as what seemed to be a rubbish day this morning turned out to be one of the best. I will send links when my pieces are posted.

For now look at this cute jumper/hoody from welovefairground.com. Its from a collection called 'Bunny Got Nailed'


Love Magazine

Cant wait for the third issue to come out in Febuary. I have not bought the previous copies but i have been following the Love Magazine Blog and its fantastic! Check out the new faces of 2010 - new scouted models and even some nakes shots of Beth Ditto looking great. One of my top new addictions i think for 2010.


2010 Trend Alert

Burberry Pleated- 850 Pounds

Herve Leger - 6,500

Herve Leger, 6,500

If i had all the riches in the world i would purchase these two beauties. Unfortunately i dont so i will just have to continue to dream...
I have not been on LOOKBOOK for agesv- i need to update styles on there. but it seems 2010 is changing the home page of the site. Instead of amazing women forefronting the fashion league tables, men are catching up with there own trends.



New Year was amazing! Brixton was packed and full of tunes that would make anyone dance like a nutter all night. The vibe was good but also bad in some places, as many of the cliental were younger than most. The Crooked set which was held in the cloackroom corridor was amazing! Not only was it in a corridor but it had a better vibe than the main room downstairs. The club cloes at 6am but we left at 4am to drive to Portsmouth for another party. I slept as soon as i got their, passing out due to lack of sleep the night before and driving a good hour or so at 5am. I heard it was good though, even if i did sleep through.

Went to Camden today and bought some more vinatge boots - 35 quid was amazing for some black red and green ones from Berty and Gerty. I also went into Topshop and spent only 8 pound and got 2 bra corsets which you can wear as tops. One was only 3 pounds! I also got an amazing pair of bow shoes for work which are now going to be my new best friend. Talking of work, i start at 7am tomorrow so i need my sleep. Happpy NewYear!

&35 Pounds - Berty and Gerty

Fur Coat - 35 Ebay

Corset - 5 pounds TopShop

Sequin Jacket - 25 New Look
Necklance - 8 pounds- Peacocks