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2010 Trend Alert

Burberry Pleated- 850 Pounds

Herve Leger - 6,500

Herve Leger, 6,500

If i had all the riches in the world i would purchase these two beauties. Unfortunately i dont so i will just have to continue to dream...
I have not been on LOOKBOOK for agesv- i need to update styles on there. but it seems 2010 is changing the home page of the site. Instead of amazing women forefronting the fashion league tables, men are catching up with there own trends.


adele said...

some really lovely looks from the guys - my boyfriend is always complaining that men's fashion can be really boring, i'm going to link him to these.
lookbook is a strange site at the best of times, with the quality unevenly weighted - you'd think the best stuff would have the most hype, but it isn't so...

Nicci said...

comment above- very true! Also havent been on Lookbook in ages, the men are really catching up!

Betheny Hall said...

Lookbook is something you have to keep up - i am always too busy! But ny resolution - do it!