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New Year was amazing! Brixton was packed and full of tunes that would make anyone dance like a nutter all night. The vibe was good but also bad in some places, as many of the cliental were younger than most. The Crooked set which was held in the cloackroom corridor was amazing! Not only was it in a corridor but it had a better vibe than the main room downstairs. The club cloes at 6am but we left at 4am to drive to Portsmouth for another party. I slept as soon as i got their, passing out due to lack of sleep the night before and driving a good hour or so at 5am. I heard it was good though, even if i did sleep through.

Went to Camden today and bought some more vinatge boots - 35 quid was amazing for some black red and green ones from Berty and Gerty. I also went into Topshop and spent only 8 pound and got 2 bra corsets which you can wear as tops. One was only 3 pounds! I also got an amazing pair of bow shoes for work which are now going to be my new best friend. Talking of work, i start at 7am tomorrow so i need my sleep. Happpy NewYear!

&35 Pounds - Berty and Gerty

Fur Coat - 35 Ebay

Corset - 5 pounds TopShop

Sequin Jacket - 25 New Look
Necklance - 8 pounds- Peacocks

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Hardip said...

Wow, Bra corset is buff Beth!!